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Shawn Chambers, Certified Master Life Coach

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- To enable as many people as possible to experience emotional fulfillment within themselves and gain a better understanding of self and the world.

- To assist in unlocking the ability to think "outside of the box" in terms of the way many people view themselves, others, situations and the world.

- To assist in creating a step ladder to emotional fulfillment, mental clarity, and a sense of purpuse.


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To uncage the "real you" in as many people as possible through emotional and mental enlightenment. Enlightenment is the knowledge that cures many issue by simply changing the way one views himself/herself and the rest of the world.

  • Assisting people to devise a solid plan that will enable them to achieve thier prioritized goals.

  • Sharing my experiences with people to provide a clear understanding of their current situation.
  • Helping people to gain a sense of comfort, purpose, confidence, success, relief, and a reason to smile and laugh again.

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Areas of Experience and Expertise 

During my 22 year service in the Army, I've coached and developed hundreds of professionals in areas such as:

- Personal growth

- Professional development

- Health and fitness

- Leadership / Executive development

- Achieving personal and career goals

- Financial management

- Maintaining productivity in the work place while dealing with a troubled relationship or other personal matters

I began my real estate business in 2015. Now, as a successful businessman and investor, I've obtained valuable knowledge and experience in:

-Establishing and building credit

-Smart Investing

-Understanding good debt and bad debt

-Obtaining good debt

-Understanding assets and liabilities

-Understanding bad assets and good assets

-Obtaining good assets

-Tax credits

-Smart spending

-Smart saving

-Understanding troubled relationships due to money

While serving for 2 years as an Army leadership facilitator, I've gained valuable knowledge and experience in:

-Academic development

-Instructing techniques

-Facilitating techniques

Since 2014, I’ve been dedicated to growing on a personal and spiritual level. Every day I’ve been seeking to learn something new about myself, life and my spirituality. During my journey, I’ve obtained valuable experience, knowledge and growth in the following areas:

-Understanding of how perception contributes to many emotional issues

-Understanding why people behave in accordance to how they feel

-The process and the power of good and bad energy

-How to use good energy

-Understanding the power of emotions

-Understanding the power of thought and words

-Understanding troubled relationships dealing with spiritual growth

Since 2013, I have been medically diagnosed and treated for anxiety. I've gained personal experience and knowledge in:

-Coping with stress while in the work place

-Coping with stress while dealing with family

-Quieting a chattering a mind

-Getting out of my own head

-Coping with stress while in relationships

-Understanding troubled relationships due to Anxiety


I can’t change the direction of the wind, but I can adjust my sails to always reach my destination.
— Jimmy Dean


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