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What Is Life Coaching

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What Life Coaching is Not…

Coaching doesn’t consist of analyzing the root cause of a client’s issues or prescribing therapy sessions that dig up past personal history. Coaches don’t give professional advice on how to solve problems. Coaches don’t train or teach the cause and effect of life’s burdens. A coach’s position is not to tell you what decisions to make in your life. A coach is not your authority figure. The purpose of a coach is to assist their clients in discovering, turning on, and putting into action, their internal strengths! These strengths will be used to attain your desired outcome. 

What Life Coaching is…

Coaching is a partnership between a coach and a client. This partnership will consist of collaborating and brainstorming together to create a vision. The vision will be an overall desired outcome that the client will decide upon. However, the coach will play a vital role during the decision-making process. Although the coach will not make any decisions for the client, they will use coaching techniques to bring about thoughts, clarity, ideas, motivation and purpose from the client that have, unknowingly, always been there!

The next step will consist of in generating goals or milestones. This will consist of repeating the same process taken to create the vision. Consider the goals as “taking baby steps” that are reasonable and attainable. During the entire process, the coach will hold the client fully accountable in terms of taking action.

Often times, a client will feel as though they have everything under control because their goals have been well planned and thought out.  The client may, somewhere along the line, find themselves in unfamiliar territory; thus causing him/her to lose faith, confidence and the desire to quit. That’s where the coach comes in to covert the storm to a calm. By continuously monitoring the client’s progress, the coach can give productive feedback and advice.  Monitoring the client’s sense of urgency, attitude, confidence and stress level will allow the coach to interject, suggest necessary alterations, motivate and advise accordingly. Basically, your coach is there for you.  In some cases, availability is 24/7.

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The whole idea of coaching is to focus on personal growth.  Areas and focus of life coaching will vary(finance, Business, career, relationships, etc.).  For Example, “Widen Your Perspective” Life Coaching is a company that primarily focuses on Leadership & Professional growth.

Some of the many desired outcomes clients seek from us are:

However, to accomplish these visions, one must overcome personal obstacles, whether they are emotional, physical or mental. This is where a coach’s job truly lies. Emotional, physical and mental obstacles are the cause of many people not perusing their desires. These obstacles give them a reason to remain within a realm that feels safe and comfortable.

Here are some of the many internal skills a client can expect to unlock.

  • Becoming resourceful
  • Enjoying increased satisfaction
  • Self-appreciation/Self-love
  • Resilience
  • Discovering a new sense of confidence
  • Feeling complete  
  • Having a sense of purpose
  • Discovering true identity
  • Feeling a sense of empowerment

As you can see, while working with a coach to attain your visions, the experience is two-fold. While accomplishing your vision, you will be discovering a part of yourself that you never knew existed!  The personal growth you attain throughout the process is a priceless quality that will benefit you in all aspects of life!

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What Does “Widen Your Perspective” Life Coaching offer?

Widen Your Perspective” is experienced in effectively coaching clients all of the way to the finish-line! All while enabling them to prove to themselves that they are far more powerful than what they could ever imagine! 

Although our focus is leadership and professional growth, we are diversified company. To find out all of the areas that we specialize in, click here.

We currently offer 2 FREE sessions (1 x consultation and 1 x follow-up). If you find that you would like to continue working with us after the Free sessions, all expenses will be discussed at that time.

Don’t worry! We will work hard to assist you with creating solutions to your concerns during the free consultations. If you walk away with a new found sense of urgency, a clear vision and set goals, we will be ecstatic!  However, please understand that gathering information and making sense of it is often the easy part. It’s the “take action” part that is often the most difficult.

We post blogs periodically on various aspects of life. They are highly spoken about and inspiring! To check out what we have posted so far, click here.

Here is our promise to YOU while working with us.

  • We will assist YOU in creating a clear vision that is attainable.
  • We will assist YOU in devising a solid path to your vision consisting of attainable goals and timelines that are tailored to YOU.
  • We will obtain weekly updates to gauge YOUR progress (daily if necessary).
  • We will provide you with advice, guidance and motivation as needed to ensure that YOU remain on track and cross the “finish-line”.
  • We will be available to YOU for assistance and answering questions during business hours (24/7 availability will be determined by the comfort level and situation of the client).
  • We Guarantee YOU results!

Thank you for reading! I hope you now have a broader perspective on what life coaching is all about and what “Widen Your Perspective” Life Coaching offers. Feel free to contact us to schedule your free sessions or to ask additional questions by clicking here.


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