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"Widen Your Perspective" is a well diversified brand that offers endless possibilities to your unique situation. Below, listed in bold print, is a list of categories we specialize in. Each category is broken down into subcategories of common problematic circumstances and “seemingly” unattainable desires. This is to provide a snapshot of our wide range of knowledge and expertise that will be used to guild you towards obtaining your needs, wants, goals and desires.



As a leader, you may be experiencing continued frustration and dissatisfaction with the performance of your team or your role.  You may be looking to build on your team’s performance, motivation, cohesion, team work, pride, sense of urgency or to build on your skills.   You could also be a high energy leader who wants to build a personal brand that will gain recognition from senior leaders within and /or outside of the organization.  Finally, you may be a potential leader who is looking, or being urged by leaders, to take the next huge career move.

Regardless of who you are or where you are from, when you choose “Widen Your Perspective” we guarantee that you will attain your desires in becoming the type of leader/person you want to become. While working with us, you will soon realize how endless the possibilities.

Listed below are the most common obstacles many leaders deal with and never take into account how these areas are preventing them from reaching their desires.

  • Lack of Confidence
  • Uncertainty
  • Making assumptions
  • Fear
  • Closed mind
  • Simply do not know (This is common)
  • Limited perspective
  • Following false truths
  • Focused in areas that are least important
  • Responding reactively instead of proactively
  • Effective communication
  • Failing to set visions and goals that are attainable


This area is the cornerstone to gaining peace and abundant joy out of life.  Personal growth will not only help with gaining clarity on self, others and life. It enables you to feel alive, see and understand your purpose in life, provides you with unlimited opportunists to live your life in the most, loving, caring, happy, daring, adventurous and peaceful way possible.

  • Confidence in yourself
  • Feel self-love/appreciation
  • Becoming a more understanding person
  • Understanding the reasons for why people “seemingly” don’t what to spend time or be in your presence.
  • To feel at peace with self and the world
  • Embrace who you are/ your Uniqueness
  • Acceptance for those who are “seemingly” different
  • Gaining an unlimited and range of perspective
  • Letting go of bad memories
  • Become forgiving



 Many employees are missing the foundational tools to achieve greater levels at the work place or have a difficult time adjusting to the expectations of the organization. “Widen Your Perspective” can guide you on a path to reaching your desired goals in the work place and creating opportunities for yourself.   

  • Gaining confidence
  • Knowing the meaning of constructive criticism
  • Become one of the best at your job.
  • Earn respect and confidence from your peers and upper echelon
  • Become the “go to” person
  • Accelerate up the ladder of success



creating good financial health will provide a solid foundation for reaching one personal milestone after the next. PLEASE understand, “Widen Your Perspective” understands there is MORE than “Only one type” of success. We can assist you to reach a level of success that suits YOU!

  • Healthy money management
  • Getting out of debt
  • Establishing and building credit
  • Investing
  • Creating the opportunity to obtain business loans
  • Obtaining ASSETS and not more liabilities


Free Offer

Widen Your Perspective is offering TWO 60 minute sessions (FREE of charge). A lot can be discovered in 2 sessions! 120 minutes could be all you need to have a life changing epiphany!

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before an intimate relationship has any potential to flourish, the following five elements are needed. “Widen Your Perspective”, has more than enough experience to understand that in order to properly function in these areas, it will take more than simply saying, “Let’s do it!” we can help!

  • communication
  • understanding
  • trust
  • respect
  • connection



This is a business endeavor that pays well when done correctly. People often talk about the risk level in real-estate. Here’s the thing, almost every decision we make in life has a risk attached to it. It is our KNOWLEDGE of the task, job or type of investment that limits risk significantly. The less you know of something, the higher the risk will be.

“Widen Your Perspective” can assist anyone who has the desire to endeavor in this rewarding field. We sell no products or get rich quick schemes! You offer knowledge, experience, and the opportunity to walk you through it step by step. Listed below are our areas of focus:

  • What you will need to have accomplished before you begin
  • Types of loans and how they work
  • Discover your area/comfort level of investment
  • How to locate an ideal property
  •  What to choose an ideal area to purchase in
  • How to calculate your return on investment and why it is important
  • How to calculate your net operating income and why it is important
  • How to choose a good property manager
  • Amount of funds you will need to retain for future repairs
  • Familiarization on Tax credits

Note: you will need to speak with tax professional for tax regulations and or in debt information on an LLC


Our Promise To You


  •  Will assist YOU in determining clear and obtainable goals.
  •  Will assist YOU in devising a solid plan consisting of mile stones, target goal, and timelines.
  •  Will require weekly updates to gauge YOUR progress.
  • Will provide guidance and motivation to ensure YOU remain on track in order to reach each milestone and targeted goal.
  • Will be available to YOU for assistance and questions (unlimited access will be determined case by case).


Widen Your Perspective is offering TWO 60 minute sessions (FREE of charge). A lot can be discovered in 2 sessions! 120 minutes could be all you need to have a life changing epiphany!

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