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Leadership 201: Are Great Leaders Only Born?

What exactly are these special characteristics that only “natural born leaders” possess? Where did the statement “either you have it, or you don’t,” come from? And what does “it” mean?! What is a leader’s primary focus? Is a leader a teammate or the “Boss?”

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Leadership 101

Are you a new leader wondering where to start?  As a leader, are you looking to elevate productivity?  As a leader, are looking to gain the respect and trust of your supervisors and team? Are you pressured by your supervisor to become more aggressive, in order to gain more production? “Become a bulldog!” or “Lead with an iron fist!”?  As a leader, are you experiencing members of your team express unfavorable attitudes, exhibit defiance, or has become a negative influence?  As a leader, do you desire to inspire, lift morale and/or strengthen the cohesion of your team?  Do you have the potential to become a leader, but you're feeling fearful, intimidated or unsure?

If you’ve answered "yes" to any of these questions, then this post is certainly for you!

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